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Our primary service is Project Management / Technical Consultancy

Clients include:

Pure Digital (DAB Radio), London Electronics College, ATC, Solion Limited,

Turnsafe Limited, POSLtdMcQueen-Cairns Limited  Mass Consulting ...


Alan Ferdman, 
B.Sc. (Engineering), Hons,  Electronics
Kings College , London University.

Chartered Engineer, Member of the Institute of Engineering and Technology since 1986

Career History:

Last ten years operating as a freelance Project Manager/Consultant

Co-designer of novel lighting control system - UK Patent Obtained.


Co-designer of novel eletrical extension system - Patent Applied for.

Full time employment - 13 years with Psion PLC in Senior Project/Management Positions , PDA development and Digital Radio. Head of 'Test Development' , Design for Test & Manufacture. Experience spans: ICT, Bespoke Functional &  Final Test system design, National Instruments, Teradyne, Yelo....

Previous employment as an engineer:
with British Aerospace, Scicon, Racal ....

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Informal network of trusted freelance engineers with complementary skills including electronics, mechanical and software design.

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“Alan built an incredible team of engineers in the Test Department at Psion Computers, something he repeated in other parts of Psion and spin-offs. He was the drive behind many of their test innovations. He's observant, insightful and innovative.” August 26, 2007 Lawrence De'Ath, New Product Introduction, Psion Computers

“Alan is a very conscientious and hard working individual with a strong eye for detail and the ability to piece together the facts to see the bigger picture. Strongly recommended.” August 18, 2007Jason Adams, Engineering Project Manager, Psion computers

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mobile: 07799 186180