Q: Why should you hire me?

A: I've more than 20 years experience in electronics product design and  development. I believe this experience is especially valuable to SME sized companies that often don't have my range of skills or experiences in house. Often not affordable on a full time basis but realistic for a short period of time.

Q: What are my core areas of expertise? 

Technical Consultancy, Project Management , Staff Mentoring, Design for Test and Manufacture, Approvals, Out Sourcing and partner selection

Q: Main Industry sector 

Consumer Electronics - Medium to High Volume product development and manufacture.

Q: What industries have I worked in?

 Aerospace, IT, Consumer, Instrumentation, Automotive.  Projects as diverse as Harrier Jump Jets, PDA's (Psion), Digital Radios, Lighting Control, Mobile Phones, Microwave Radiometry, Vision Tracking mirrors... This diversity gives me great breadth.

Q: What the shortest period of time that you can hire me?

 I can assist for as little as a single day.

Q: What countries have I experience of electronics manufacture?

 In addition to the UK I've hands on manufacturing experience in Austria (Flextronics DAB radios) and Taiwan (Inventec , hand held computers).