Project Examples

Recent Projects displaying a variety of tasks carried out:

Mass Consulting Ltd - Design For Test study/manufacturing strategy on advanced DSP hardware platform

McQueen-Cairns Ltd - Manufacturing strategy, partner/staff selection, high technology passive microwave temperature measurement.

Pure Digital (Part of the Imagination group of companies) - Evoke Flow - Embedded Linux DAB/DAB+/FM/Internet Radio - Product Verification.

Turnsafe Limited - Project Management, Product Test Strategy, Staff Selection and Interviewing Vendor Selection, Design Reviews, Cable loom and connector design selection, Approvals management...

Solion Limited - Early investigations into TUV approvals for novel Photo Voltaic (Solar Cell) mounting systems. 

London Electronics College - Web site redesign / Content , Marketing Support, Guest Speaker, Part Time NVQ Assessor

Iwann2go Limited  - Software Project Management - Java Application for Mobile Phones. DTI Smart Award obtained.